Who we are

We're a team of passionate project managers and designers who bring spaces to life that exceed all expectations in design. With decades of experience, we know what it takes to build a space you'll love.

What we do

Our team of talented designers, project managers & specialists will assist your builder or contractor in your new construction or remodeling project. We'll guide you through the process from start to finish.

How we do it

We don’t just furnish your home; we foster a lifestyle that will last you a lifetime. Your vision will come to life through our creative and hands-on professional process.

Down to the very last detail!

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Let us do what we do best:
design, consultation, and collaboration on
your construction or furnishings project.

We want to foster a lifestyle through high-end, luxury design that lasts a lifetime. So, let us do what we do best: design, collaboration, and management for your residential new construction, remodeling, or furnishings project.

Our Designers' professional expertise will guide you to the best selections to make your home a one of a kind! So, let us do what we do best: design, collaborate, and manage your residential new construction, remodeling, or furnishings project.


Stephanie Nix

- Senior Designer -

Stephanie is our Creative Director and Senior Designer for your project’s vision. She has a passion for historical architecture, fine art, and furnishings. She graduated with a BA in Historical Studies with an emphasis in Art History after attending design school and has 10+ years in the luxury residential and interior design project management as well as being trained in turn-key services that include project management, one-on-one contractor communication and job site visits, full furnishings services including complete “move that bus” installation process for new builds, remodeling, and furnishings. Art is extremely important to her process, and believes her role is to be the taste level, experience, and design expert behind the client’s dream. She won 1st Place in the 2017 Design Ovation “Single Space, Dedicated Function” category has been featured in 360 Magazine multiple times. Her talent, passion, and extensive experience in construction and design, vastnetwork of resources, attention to detail, and commitment to the highest quality of work have all contributed to her success.

Brandy Ackerman

- Project Manager -

Brandy is the Project Manager for your project’s timeline and fulfillment. She has worked as a junior designer for 3years and has 8+ years in project management of new construction and remodeling projects working alongside builders, developers, architects, and custom home clients. Her organizational and communication skills, great sense of style and eye for design, along with a balance of function and aesthetics on projects has earned her the respect and confidence of her clients and coworkers.


Some of Our Work

Bright Design Studio is an interior design studio, specializing in high-end luxury residential projects for new construction, remodeling, and furnishings with more than a decade of experience. Creativity, quality and sensitivity to your budgetare the tools we use combine, not just to create, but build a lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.

Bright Design Studio’s team is comprisedof formally educated professional interior designers with an extensive background in residential design and project management. Because of their education and background, they able to take a hands-on, full-service approach to their interior design projects. The team manages the interior design process from conception to finalized installation, working closely with architects, electricians, and other professionals to avoid costly mistakes along the way.

Bright Design Studio is a full-service interior design company handling your entire project from beginning to end including the design concept, sourcing and purchasing materials, contractor meetings, project management, budget management, and installation. We work closely with architects, electricians, and other professionals to avoid costly mistakes and ensuring your design project goes as smoothly as possible.

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